January 3 marks a substantial shift in power. In exactly one month, our new Congress will be sworn in and Democrats will take over the House of Representatives. This majority will help pass bills and block Trump’s agenda — and House committee chairs, who have vast power and influence, will now all be Democrats.

Five representatives, who will be chairing committees directly related to Trump’s crimes and impeachment, will influence the fate of his presidency. Here’s who you should be keeping an eye on during this upcoming session of Congress:
Jerry Nadler will chair the Judiciary Committee, which can investigate grounds for impeachment. If impeachment moves forward, the New York congressman would be a leading force in authoring legislation and bringing it to the floor.

As Financial Services Committee chair, Maxine Waters will have the power to expose Trump’s history of tax fraud and evasion by subpoenaing the Trump Organization, the Trump campaign, Deutsche Bank, and, yes, his tax returns.

Adam Schiff will chair the Intelligence Committee, responsible for intelligence among different U.S government departments. They can conduct a real investigation into Russian collusion — unlike the investigation under Republican Devin Nunes’ stewardship — and present their findings to the House to explore consequences.

Elijah Cummings, chair of the Oversight Committee, could launch its own investigation into Trump, separate from Robert Mueller’s. The Oversight Committee could investigate Trump’s finances, bank fraud, and collusion, and begin the necessary task of exposing Trump’s rampant corruption.

The Ways and Means Committee, chaired by Richard Neal, has the ability to investigate anything related to taxation, including Trump’s finances and reputed money laundering.


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The Seattle School board and administration is so dysfunctional that I cannot seriously support anyone.  My friend Don Glickstein proposes that the mayor be accountable for schools and I agree

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